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Title: UnknownHe's Sure the Boy I Love
Artist: UnknownThe Crystals
Album: Unknown
Played: 3147 times

i always dreamed the boy i loved would come along,
and he’d be tall and handsome, rich and strong.
now that boy i love has come to me,
but he sure ain’t the way i thought he’d be!

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Title: UnknownPompeii
Artist: UnknownBastille/20 piece string orchestra
Album: UnknownPompeii (Remixes)
Played: 285315 times

Pompeii (Cinematic Version) l Bastille (accompanied with a 20 piece string orchestra (x)

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Title: UnknownCenturies
Artist: UnknownFall Out Boy
Album: UnknownCenturies - Single
Played: 26653 times


Fall Out Boy - Centuries

Some legends are told, some turn to dust and to gold, but you’ll remember me, remember me for centuries…

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"Strength will find you sooner than you ever thought it would."

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raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the submarine soundtrack

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Coldplay piano sheet music + music videos

fully inspired by [x]

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Title: UnknownPompeii Layers
Artist: UnknownBastille
Album: UnknownPompeii
Played: 213015 times





Three different versions of Pompeii. Capitol Studios, Brit Awards performance, and the original. I don’t know what happened.

This is… AMAZING

It’s like a beautiful choir of dan smiths



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